23 March 2014

power brow mua luxe brow pencil

Hey guys so I hope you enjoyed a week in the world of lips trust  me I still have more lips products to review but I can do it again at some point . Today I am going to talk to you about brows and brow pencils. 

This is the brow pencil from the MUA luxe line and it has been my brow pencil of choice for few moths now which just goes to show how long this has been sitting in my drafts for . It has the pencil on one end and highlight on the other

The shade I have is fair and It is a really nice taupe colour now I have red hair so you are probably thinking why don't I use a warmer toned pencil but it just looks weird I think because my natural brows are so light so I stick ash tones. I am going to be honest  I not have used in a bit has I have been using the permanent taupe colour tattoo as I prefer the effect I can get with that. However if I was to go back to pencil or if I am rush then I would use and do use this. It is not too waxy or soft it is a twist up pencil but I can tell you that it snap in the middle which from what I gather from other peoples reviews is quite common . The highlight on the other end is really good I didn't expect much form because its brow pencil for the most part but it is actually really good no major shimmer quite subtle I have used it on my brow bone and on my cheek bones. over all I think for the drug store and the price it is really good pencil and I would repurchase it you can get MUA online and at super drug   and is priced at £3 bargain so if you are int he market for a brow pencil I would recommend it.

bye guys

p.s sorry I didn't post yesterday just ended up being mega busy and not getting time  

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