25 March 2014

Revlon colour burst matt balm

Hey guys I am back with more lip products I told you I had more to review for you but these have been such a hyped product that I felt I want to get my two cents in there with everyone else.  

So incase you have been living under a rock or just don't have clue what I am on about I am going to be reviewing the revlon matt balms for you today. Now I only have two but there are more I want but for now I am going to tell you my initial thoughts . The two shades I have are elusive a popular one and unapologetic on is very wearable pink and there is bring pinky coral colour.

This the unapologetic pictured above as you can it is probably something I will get a lot of use out of in the summer. I first saw this colour on miss budget beauty and fell in love with it and who can blame me really its beautiful. 

This is elusive as you can see a much more wear pink than the other however I tend to but gloss over this on just give it some more emph. excuse the fact that I have smeared lipstick over my face on this one not intentional. I think these are my favourite matt lipstick as they are not as drying as some there are quite creamy in formula when you first put them on then they dry up a bit. They are still really comfortable to wear and I don't find stick to any dry bits on my lips and trust if there were going to do that then they would do it on my lips as they are like the dessert . There is nice shade selection as well I think a nice mix of colour there is nude which I quite want and also a mid purple a bit like pink truffle out of the lip butters but without the glossiness. I would go check them out and there 3 for 2 most of the time at boots and superdrug there is normal some sort of deal but there only £7.99 in boot and £5.99 at superdrug. 

bye guys 

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