24 April 2014

Avon luxe lipsticks

Hey guys so today I am going to review of the avon luxe lipstick review I have two these lipstick.I featured in an avon haul I will link here .

So I have exquisite pink and peach veil  the pink is very pink and the peach is more of nude than a peach . they have nice formula.<1--more.-->

So the first is exquisite pink and out of the two this is one I prefer and I wear most often as it is prefect for spring and really adds a pop of colour to the face. Peach veil looks nice swatches but is more of deep nude on lips Both have nice creamy formula have average staying for lipstick. For it the packaging that does it pretty and feminine .How good would that look when you pull out your handbag although it is slightly bulky but worth it . these are available form your local rep . go grab on there are 6 shades and are priced at £7.99 see you in tomorrow's fotd friday.   

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