09 April 2014

Avon true colour eyeshadow palette mocha latte

Hey so another avon post for no it is another avon week that nobody you about however if you like that I can do the rest of this week reviews avon related so let me know.

So I have quite a few of these palette all of which I use for different things one of which I have give to my sister that is purple on as she has brown eyes and it suit her perfectly . The one pictured above is the mocha latte palette and has quickly become my everyday palette.

So there is highlight shade which I did swatch but hasn't come out on the camera  then you have the 2nd shaded which I don't really use bar to fill in my brows so some times but it just smige dark for that . The bottom two I use all the time I put the highlight shade all over the lid then blend shade 4 the darkest shade in the outer third of my lid and bending though my crease slightly. Then I use shade 3 a shimmery gold colour in the centre of my lid. If you would  like me to show you my everyday eye look I will do a video on my channel and post on here for you to see it is so easy I just blend it all together . So let get on with the actual  eyeshadows they have good pigmentation but not so much that they're not  hard to work with . They blend out really nicely and easy not hard to blend at all . I am not the best eyeshadow so if I can make them work for me then they must be easy to work with. Overall this is a really nice palette which is not overly expensive and you create lots of nice neutral looks with or go really smokey for night time. These palettes are available  online or from your local avon rep and are priced at £9 for 4 amazing eyeshadows and a very handy mirror.
bye guys

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