23 April 2014

Creme puff pressed powder

Hey guys so today I am going to tell about possibly one of the worst powders I have ever used and it is just because of couple thing not because of the formula but because of what it does to the skin. 

The first thing I have to say about this powder it is very finely milled and looked very natural on the skin however this is the only good thing about this product. I dont like to be a debbie downer but I am not going to lie to you guys either . First thing I picked up the wrong colour which is completely my fault but once I discovered this is decided it would make a good contour powder. Which it did however the next day I had a rash come out on both sides of my face where I had put the product. I am tempted to think that is is probably something to with scent it has very strong old school makeup scent if that makes sense like guerlain make up does. If it wasnt for the fact I had such a bad reaction to this product then I would probably like as there is nothing else wrong with it and it did make a good contour on my fair skin. This product hasnt been reformulated in the 60 years it been around so it pretty impress the job it does it just like my skin. you get it from boot and superdrug for around £6 not bad for max factor . see you guys tomorrow when i will back with another review .

bye guys 

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