28 April 2014

Everyday Nudes

Hey guys so its video day today as you all no and today is on my favourite nude lipstick theses are the lipsticks that sit in a pot on top of my dressing table. 

so in the line up we have the revlon lip butter pink truffle,the avon luxe lipstick in peach veil , mac bare again supreme cream sheen ,avon lipstick in demure , soap and glory gloss stick in nudest , revlon lip lacquer in demure and finally revlon lip butter in creme brulee. 
So first up is pink truffle I wear this a lot as it easy to whack on when in a rush and love the berry tones in it. I had a bit of love hate relationship with the lip butters at first but I have grown to really like them I think I just hadn't found the right shade. Next up is the avon luxe lipstick in peach veil this I like but it is one that I don't wear too often as it is quite a dark nude. The I have my Mac lipstick in bare again which is a sheen supreme  which is another go to nude it glossy nice to wear on my lips and goes with anything.

Next up is the avon demure lipstick you all know I absolutely love this lipstick this just doesn't last as well as some of my other nudes and isn't quite a versatile it is still one of my most worn. The we come to one that pretty much lives in my handbag and that is the soap and glory gloss stick in nudist.I love this it is so moisturising so easy to apply in a rush the only down side to this is the sickness not good in a windy  day.

The final two don't really follow the trend of the others but I still love them a wear them lots the first on is the revlon lip lacquer in demure. this is not like the other demure lipstick I have this is more a pinky nude. I didn't think I was going to like these at first it thought I was going to hate them and find them sticky and uncomfortable but I dont . They really comfortable on the lips and no too sticky a great pink nude for every day .

Last and not least is the revlon lip butter in creme brulee I had to buy another one of these today as  my melted and could not be rescued. This I think is the nudest of all the nudes but gives you a really nice wash of colour on lips and is really moisturising .

Here is todays video if you like to watch and for more subscribe to my channel I will leave the link here. I hope you enjoyed today's blog post . My post this week will be going up 6 gmt every day as 8 is a bit late so going to see how this works if it works well we shall keep it. See you in tomorrows post I have go take my crazy dog out now . There are links to all the products in this post if you would like to purchase them for yourself .

bye guys

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