06 April 2014

let have chat !

Hey guys it been a while since I did a chatty post I am sorry I didn't post over the weekend things got a bit hectic .

So the first thing I am going to touch on is my youtube channel I know this is something a lot of you are not interested and in and thats fine but it is something I enjoy and I want to put some work and effort in to. So I will be uploading on monday and friday I have made trailer for my channel today and I have also privatized  some of my less popular video so there is now about 13 on there. so if you like to check that out and subscribe as there will be a new video going on there tomorrow I will link it here.

The next thing I want to talk to you about is give away I want to do one but  I am not sure what to put in it weather to just do a small giveaway with a naked 3 palette in or wear so do bigger giveaway with lots of drugstore makeup e.g sleek ,mua,revlon,nyx? What do you guys want? Ideas would be welcome as I have 60 followers on twitter and no so long ago 10,000 pageviews on this blog and would like to give some back to you guys . Please leave me comments tweet me idea and let me know if I don't hear anything I will just do what I think is better but at the end of the day it is for guys so I think you should have a say . 

bye guys 

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