13 April 2014

loreal lumi magique

Hey guys so I am going to do a review on the concealer I have been using under my eyes for the past 6 months or so yes guys you guessed it been sitting in my drafts again oops. 

So this is the l'oreal lumi magique concealer this is meant to be the dupe for the YSL touch√© √©clat having never tried I couldn't say. I do know a £7.99 I would rather use this than that but if I ever felt the need to splurge maybe. This concealer is very brightening but it does have some coverage in it which I think is where this and YSL separate because the that has less coverage form what I have heard and form have it used on me than this that is purely more of a highlighting product. I think would always choose this over the YSL because it is not only cheaper but I think is the better product of the two. The formula is so creamy under the eyes it doesn't crease as long as you put an eye cream under neither and even if you don't it not drying I would highly recommend this. You can get this from boots and superdrug and the shade I have is light one so if don't want to repurchase you YSL I would recommend you get this see in my next post guys .

bye guys 

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