29 April 2014

My Firsts beauty edition

Hey guys so today is a tag I saw on kammi blog I will link it here go check her out and it all about beauty firsts . I thought it would be fun and it not too long either so let crack on.

My Firsts Beauty Edition
picture from here 

1.The first brand you found out about due to blogging ?
This is hard one but I think it may have been mac or urban decay 

2. The first you tube tutorial you watched and attempted?
It was on by pixiewoo about filling eyebrows 

3.The first high item you brought ?
my channel foundation 

4. The first product you regret buying ?
It was a maybelline foundation I think it was called there dream cream matt foundation 

5. The first product you repurchased ?
The Maybelline dream matte mouse foundation 

6. The first product I reviewed on my blog ? 
was my everyday Foundation at the time my max factor 3 in 1 elixir foundation 

7. The first product you brought due to a blogger ?
I think it was the Mua undress me palette 

8.Do you still use any one first blogger purchases ?
Yes but I change my make up a lot but I all go back to the products I know and love 

Hope you enjoyed if you haven't seen yesterdays video I will link it here and I will see you tomorrow's post . If want to this tag I would to see so make sure to leave me links down below or tweet me.

bye guys 

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