29 April 2014

switching out switching up !

Hey guys so I was going to this post yesterday but I ended up leaving blogging to the last minute and I had to get my post up in about 4 minutes which of course failed but only by 10 mins . 

So I want to talk to you  today about something that is very different to all and that is how often do switch up your daily make up routine. What triggered this is I was watching a everyday make look video on YouTube and the girl said she had been using this look since October which for me just seems mental nearly 6 months of using the some make up and only changing out your lipstick. 

The basic look for me on an everyday basis is pretty much the same but I change up my products once a week at the least . The only thing that doesn't change is my mascara ,primer and powder  I will use a powder till it is done or until it isn't doing the job I want .

I am strange is this a normal thing to do and the thing is before I started blogging and getting really in to my make up. I used wear the same products all the time  and just repurchase them when they ran out now that seems mental . I use a different foundation everyday some weeks but I only ever stick with the same products for a week. We all have are go to looks when In a rush but how often do you change your daily routine? The basic products I don't mean things like lipstick . Let me know I would be interested to find out what is normal ? Hope you enjoyed today's post and will see you in tomorrows .

bye guys

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