26 April 2014

The vicious circle anxiety

Hey guys so this not something I talk about a lot on the blog but  I feel it is important for to bring up this topic and tell you a little bit about what it is and how it effects me.

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You maybe wondering why is this post called the vicious circle that because today I am going to talk to you about anxiety and panic attacks. This is something that from the age of 14 as effected on near daily basis and I want to share some advice and bit about what it is. If I ever put this post up please I appreciate how much it has taken to share this with you.

So what is anxiety it is intense feeling of uneasiness nervousness and fear well at least for me it affects people in all sorts of ways one of these is panic attacks. This is where the vicious circle part comes into play anxiety can be many thing from thoughts in your head going round and round like a cd which won't switch off to full on attacks that wake you in the middle of the night . I will but a link so you can find out more  

I started with anxiety when I was 14 although back then I didn't realise I thought I was just stressed which I was it was also more than that. It was exam time and the same thought kept going though my head I am going to fail my exams and my life will be over because with out my exams what will I do. This drove my personality to change drastically I became the girl that would walk out classrooms when there was something she didn't want to face because I felt physically sick . It drove me to self harm I am not proud of this and at time everyone told me I was silly and pull myself together but it isn't as easy as that.I then through art therapy which helped a lot . I got through my exams and off to college I went . 

I started at college and in the october had my first panic attack I thought I was dieing. A panic attack affects people in many different ways  but for me I had palpitations hyperventilation my hands locked up and I had weird feeling my chest like someone was sat on it there are my ways panic attacks affect people I will leave a link here if your interested.

This is when the vicious circle starts you start dread doing anything because you fear it may bring on a attack the thoughts fear this too between the thoughts and the attacks your anxiety can get worse. Mine did I was having attacks everyday but I got help. This is the message I am trying to send if you do suffer with anxiety is get help .You are not on your own . You will get through this they will lessen and you will learn to control it  and manage it I am someone who has got through this and can tell you it might take two years but it will happen eventually. No matter what anyone tells you this is not your fault you are not silly or a freak you are just person with anxiety like many others and you not alone go get help tell someone you will feel so much better for it. 

Thank you for reading this I know this isn't something we usually do on here but I feel it is important to make people aware I will leave a link here to the anxiety united page. Leave comments below and please be understanding to each this is not any easy thing to go thought.   

bye guys 

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