19 April 2014

Where have I been ?

hey guys if you haden notice I haven't  blogged in about 5 days before yesterday and there is reason but it is not a very good one unfortunately .

But basicly I just got busy with life and forgot but I am back I will be back to posting everyday so dont worry you little self I have not left the face of the earth just life and motivation got in the way. So it is easter and a time where we eat lots of chocolate and feel very sick and I hope whatever you are doing this sunday is great and you have a nice time with family and friends or whoever you choose to spend it with .I am not a religious person so I am not going to get into that side for me it is just about spending with the people I love and care about as it is very rare we are all home together as we are all busy people.

Where have I been? Trying to get my life on track and having sore foot which is painful to walk on. I hope you are all well.There will be a quick post on here tomorrow just wishing you a happy easter and I will return properly on monday with a new video on my channel and I new blog post for you all reviewing a lipstick I have been using a lot lately so look for to that and I will speak to you soon.  

bye guys

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  1. Heey Girl, I nominated you for the Liebster Awards, come check it out : http://letmecrossover.blogspot.com/2014/04/liebster-blog-awards.html