05 May 2014

April Favourites

Hey guys so today I am going be doing a favourites post this is also today video on my channel which will be at the bottom of this post .

The first thing in my favourites is the No7 beautiful skin  eye make up remover I love this gets rid of all my eye make up . I use before I cleanse as it leaves quite an oily film on your skin  but after cleanse my skin all my eye make up is off the film has gone amazing . 

The second think in my favourites is my lush lip scrub I have had this for a while but I have really been loving as I have been wearing a lot of  lipstick. It has been drying out my lips so every night and morning I have been scrubing my lips with that . I then apply my carmex lip balm  which is my next favourite in strawberry so moisturising and I have been noticing a big difference . 

Now on to make up the first thing has been my mac lipsticks they have just been the ones  that I have been reaching for the most at the moment. I have bare again and crème cup both really nice everyday shades that have not left my make up bag they just go with anything.

The next thing is my maxfactor cream blush now although the packaging of this is not much to write home about. The product is in side is one of the best cream blushes it come very spring summer for me it just give the most natural pink flushed glow. Then after is my sleek face forum kit in light I have been loving the bronzer in this.It is just the perfect shade for my fair skin for everything bronzing contouring everything.

 Now for highlight I have been loving my MUA undress my skin highlight it just the most subtle glow with out makeup you look like a glitter ball . The only down side to this is it a bit of a pain to get in to but it cheap as chips so cant complain too much. My final thing is the bourjois healthy mix concealer now I have been having some skin issues and this has just been the best think to cover them all up with amazing.

That is all for my favourites this month make sure to check out my video and I will see you all tomorrow with tag post. Hope you have a great day and I hope to see back here a 6 tomorrow .

bye guys

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