19 May 2014

Birchbox May

Hi ladies so today I am going to be doing a birch box blog post after watching some of other people beauty box unboxings I decided I want to give it a try so lets crack on.

First of all can we just address how pretty this box is wow I will definitely keeping this it is to nice to throw away and they are always useful for make up storage. So the box I chose to subscribe to is birch box as this seems to be the on people are the happiest  with it costs 12.95 inc p+p like most other boxes. I am going to keep the subscription for 3 months so 3 boxes and then see how feel if I don't like I will cancel and maybe try something different but so far so good . So let dig in and see what inside the box excitement . 

So I am going to get the thing I was least excited out out the way first not because I don't love the product I have just already tried it . That is the benefit they're real mascara I do love this but I have already got a mini in gift  set at Christmas. So this is just a replacement as that is drying up so just handy really .

The next thing is the only thing out of this box I have actually used bar the mascara and that this the soigné nail lacquer I got the colour cerise. I put this on as soon I had finished filming the video for this box and it has only just just started to chip so that's 3 days. Now for some people that's bad but for that's a record it is meant to be non toxic but at £11 a bottle I don't think I will be rushing out for more .However the packaging is gorgeous and I will be review on this blog soon so keep your eye open for that . 

The next  item is the aromatherapy associates revive morning bath and shower oil now full price these are £39. However I have given this to my sister as I am not a bath person and she is and I think she will enjoy it more so although not right for me I know some will get the use out of even it just 3ml sample.

The beauty protector shampoo and conditioner now I haven't yet tried these but I  am ecxited to as they are sulphate free and I have never tired anything like this before . They are currently sitting in the bottom of my make up bag I take to my boyfriends wait to be used so I will report back on them . Finally we have the Liz Earle cleanse and polish  this was the must have cleanser  when I first  starting reading blogs and started watching YouTube so again it sitting in the bottom of the make up bag waiting to be used as it is a 30ml samples so nice an travel friendly and unlike my balm wont melt every where .

So that is everything I got in my box I am impressed and there is nothing here that wont be used and I will make sure to report back tell what I think of all these . In the mean time check out today video above and go subscribe to my channel . Tomorrows blog post I think is going to be an out of the day so I will see you then. 

bye guys 

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