01 May 2014

Give Me Some Glow !

Hey guys so I like doing these slightly more beauty chatter post than reviews at the moment I have been in interviews all day today so couldn't  wait to get home and blog and relax so let crack on. 

So spring is here and we are all looking for that spring glow that has slight sun kissed look so this is what I have been using to get that.  Ever since I got my sleek face form kit in light  it has not left my make up bag for on reason I love the bronzer in this baby . It is perfect for giving you that slight sun kissed as well as being great to give you that contour that we all wont if you are fair skinned then you need this in your life.Its the price is good considering you are getting three products for £9.99 cant complain. 

My Revlon photo ready skin lights I have mentioned this many times but that because is so good you can mix it with your foundation or use it on top. Either way you get this beautiful lit from with in look with out looking like a glitter ball. I have the shade bare lights and it just give the most natural glow I would highly recommend this it is a bit pricey at £11.99 but worth it .  

The next thing in my glow items is the MUA undress your skin highlighter now this is pain to get hold of in stores . If you can it is well worth it and it is so cheep at only £3 for the most amazing natural champagne colour glow. The only down side to this is it is a pain to get open and for long time that stopped me using it but then  did get it open it was so worth it. 

The last thing is a oldy but a goody and that is my max factor cream blush in soft pink. I got this last summer and ever since I have been in love if I just want something so me a pink natural glow .This is what I go for the packaging it not the best but the product in side is so worth it and only 6.99 cant moan for that . 

I hope your enjoying these slightly different posts I am certainly enjoying writing them . I hope that shows I have linked every thing mentioned .If your interested then you can go check them out and go get your self a bit spring glow for the up coming months. I will see you for tomorrow FOTD Friday I think I will be keeping my 6 pm gmt post time. 

bye guys 

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