31 May 2014

Revlon Highlighting Palette

Hey I am here today with a review yes I know I haven't been on here recently but I will explain why soon today I just want talk to you about make up and relax .

So today I am going to talk to you about a product that I have been using in a lot in face of the days but I realized I haven't actually reviewed for you guys. This is the Revlon highlighting palette I think this is meant to be similar to the Bobbie brown shimmer brick I couldn't comment on this as I haven't tried it. 

So this comes in two shades rosy glow which is the one I have and bronze glow . So there is something for everyone it is also affordable at £8.99. What I love about this product is that you can use different combinations to get your perfect glow. It not overly shimmery and doesn't make you look like a glitter ball which some drug store highlights can just be a tad disco ball .

Although  the packaging is simple it doesn't look tacky or cheap and is not bulk  so easy to store. The other thing I love about this it is not chunky either you don't get big chunks of product on your face . It is very natural blendable and easy to work with .

I would highly recommend this product and it is so affordable that if your new to highlighter is it definitely one to check out as if you don't like it its not the end of the world . You can buy it at boots and superdrug but I cant find it on there website  .So I would go grab it . I am back to normal now guys and will be updating you soon on where I have been but I will see you tomorrow.

bye guys 

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