21 May 2014

Why so inconsistent dude ?

Hey guys so first of all sorry guys for the  inconsistency on this blog these past couple of weeks but I  told you I would tell you why so this is what I am  going to do today. 

So if you follow me on twitter which if your not you should as it the best place to find out what is happening with the day . Then you will know I had a water infection if you don't know what that is which my boyfriend didn't which shocked me then Google it . But basicly it was a very painful experience resulting in little sleep and  me coming home form my boyfriends at half 7 on a Sunday morning . As well  lots of big naps during the day when I comfortable enough to do so.

So that's was fine I went to the doctors got some antibiotics and it  cleared up so I know your thinking well then why have you still been in and out blogging . The reason is guys is that I am not very good  with anitboitics and I tend have some quite bad reactions during and after taking them . This is why it has taken nearly two weeks to get back in the swing of things .  The antibotics left me with headaches and stomach that just didn't want to digest anything  giving me awful cramps ect . So another week of little sleep and big naps I am very sorry guys  but today is the first day in about two weeks I have actually felt well enough to go outside because I want to not because I need to for interviews ect.

I would like to thank you all for sticking with me and I hope that now I can say safely that blogging can resume as normal as I  have missed it so much. But haven't been able to stay in one position long enough to blog. I have managed to keep up with my you tube  because most of the time I pre-record and pre-upload so yeah that is  where I have been and things will return to normal asap. 

bye guys 

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