11 June 2014

Anxiety Awareness /Anxiety In The Workplace and Places of education

Hey guys so I know I been off here for a while but I have explained why things are so up down in this post . Today I am back to talk to you about some thing  I feel is very important and that I need to get off my chest .

panic attack
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As you all know form this post I suffer from anxiety and I have done for since the age of 14 as I have explained in the past it has presented me with many problems and many different challenges. However a lot of people are not aware of what it is and this is a problem. 

As you know if you read my last post I have started a new job and yesterday for some unknown reason I had a panic attack not as bad as others I have had and once it had pasted I was fine . But nobody had a clue what to do they just kept asking what was the matter had I been to the doctors are you on medication you need to pull yourself together. I have found this this is the  response you get at a lot of places and I think awareness needs to be raised in the work place and in places of education as this  is an  increasing thing a lot of people suffer and that doesn't make us  weird or freaks it just parts of us are body react differently to everybody else .

I don't mean that in bad way my anxiety is part of who I  am if I wasn't for that I would be who I am today. I wouldn't  be as strong as I am now I would have the confidence I have now though working and finding other people that suffer  and the huge amount of support that is out there on the internet on twitter websites blogs all there to help you . But when it comes to in workplace and colleges they have know idea what to do they just quiz on what have you tried to sort it like your two old  having a Tatum. 

Which doesn't help there needs to be some sort of awareness raised in the work place and colleges schools ect . I know it must scary to watch someone have a panic attack because it scary to go through it . But I think if people knew a bit more about what was happening and some dos and don't to deal with it things would be a lot a better .  How it works so they could understand it would makes things easer and you wouldn't have to worry as much about this thing that is made out to be a dirty little secret because nobody understands it.  

What are your thoughts this post was not planned but I really think it needed to be said because I found this problem everywhere weather it be in college or in work.

bye guys

p.s Leave me thoughts below what do you think 

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