22 June 2014

clinique repairwear uplifting cream

Hi guys so I am back with a Sunday post for you as I am bored and sad that it is Monday tomorrow and I have to go to work . Hey ho its all worth it in the end so I am going to review for a face cream I have been using that I got as a free sample when I brought my cleansing balm on the clinique website .

So I have had the for a while and for a little sample a little has gone a long way which is nice because it means I can give you a nice review as I have been able to use it for a about a month or so . First all it is a slightly pink in colour which I didn't expect but it is so creamy in consistency.

When you put this on your face it almost like a face lift your skin feels plump but lift almost tight but not in bad way . I have to say I don't think I would pay £52 for it thought but as I sample thing it was really nice to try. I think if you are older you probably would appreciate this more as you more likely to see the benefits of the cream better than on my skin . It has SPF 15 in it which is great as I have been using this a day cream and you always need to protect your skin form the sun . It wear great under make up not to thick and so it makes your make up sit funny . It is a nice cream I just think it is aimed at a different age than a 20 year old but I can see where they are coming from and certainly feel the effects .You can get this on there website here or from any clinque counter which are in most boots .

bye guys 

p.s hope to video up on my channel soon  

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