18 June 2014

Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

Hey guys so it been a week since I have been on here so thought I would treat you all to a review. So this what we are going to do today so lets crack on. 

So I know I am possibly a bit late to this party but today  I am going to be reviewing for you the collection cream puff lip creams . These have been out for a while but I only picked them up a few weeks ago . I have been wearing the pink on which  is called cotton candy more than the peach one . The peach is called fairy cake which is why I wanted them in first place for that colour .

  I have been wearing the pink one for work a lot as it is nice natural pink that look good for with any look so great for everyday . My one bug bare with these is that there meant to a moisturising lip cream and they are he most drying thing I ever . also they don't last as long as you would think which is annoying because when at work I don't want some thing I have touch up all the time . I love the colours I have although the peach one is tad on orange side for me but they are just so drying and don't last  . So for the colour and price I love them but for longevity and moisture I don't so it depends what you want I am not sure if I would buy more. I am very much undecided I will let you know if that changes .  You can buy them from boots and superdrug and they are £2.99 see you soon.

bye guys

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