25 June 2014

The thing I want the most right now

Hey guys so I have my eye on something right now but I don't know if I can justify so I need you lot to help do just that lol. 

Michael Kors ladies' rose gold-plated stone set watch - Product number 1026127
picture from here

It is this Michael Kors rose gold watch stone set watch but it is £229 and I am not sure if I am able to justify dropping that much money on a watch. Fairy enough I wear a watch everyday for work but in my job I am lifting boxes and I am so clumsy I am frighten I might break it and I am not sure how sturdy it is .

However have you seen this it is beautiful so pretty and went I tried it on I absolutely fell in love with it so now I don't know what do . I want it but I don't need it and it is expensive but went you think of cost per wear its not that bad . Help me guys I want this so much but how do a justify it and is it sturdy is it worth it thoughts please .   

bye guys 

p.s I put my everyday lipstick collection up on my channel last night go have a look link

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