19 June 2014

Though times and relationships

Hey guys I am back today with another blog post  have been I am trying to do as much as I can but there is a lot going on right and I need to share it with some one so I figured I would share it with you. 

sophie our cat 14 years old 
I am find things really hard at the moment I am not going to lie as you all know I don't have the best relationship with my dad . I cant take it any more he just shout and screams at me and nothing I do is good enough. He seems to split the family in two and I just don't think that is right he worse at the moment due to infection in his toe .  He has been on antibiotics but things are still not looking great and the infection rate is still high .He should be hospital but he wont go and I think it taking it toll on everyone especially my mum .I dont want be at home because there is just too much going on I don't want to deal with  . If the infection  has gone to the bone he could lose his toe  or potentially his whole leg depending how far the infection has gone.  

On top of this is is looking like we are going have are cat Sophie put down she had a stroke about a year a go . She has been on tablets since for a heart mummer but she had an other episode the other day and was foaming from the mouth. Ever since then she has wondering constantly and when I car comes she doesn't move she just sits there because I don't think she understands . This why we are thinking we might have  to let her go  as she is becoming a danger to her self.  She has had a good long life though as he 14 years old do what's that in cat years a 100 odd? But it going to be hard as she is friendliest  cat you will ever know she will butt you and lick you and come wake you up in the morning and follow to the corner shop even though I know it would be for her own good and safety it not an easy thing to digest.  I will let you know we decide to do but I don't think she will make it though another winter.   

I am trying to focus on the happy things like I still my family and my boyfriend and I still have all you lot which I am so grateful for . I have my job which is going well and I hoping to restart my driving lessons soon. I know I sound like a right debbie downer but unfortunately this is life and that is how mine is going right now. I am sorry if I have bored or depressed you but I am going to edit some videos for you all to get up on my channel and I think I am going to do some vlogs on channel soon as well  . Let me know anything you like leave me some comments as I love reading and replying to you all and hopeful I will be back soon with a less depressed post.

bye guys

love you all  :) 

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