19 July 2014

Cheek combination I have been loving recently

Hey guys sorry we are are down to once a week but I promise you in august it will be back to everyday on here and I might vlog everyday as well we shall see.

So today I am going to to talk to you about the two products I have been wearing on my cheeks for the past few weeks and I have loving. So as it is the summer time I have be ditching the blush for the bronzer to the bronzer glowing goddess look on my face as we have had some nice weather in the uk recently.

To achieve this I have been using the bronzer in my sleek face form kit light and the Revlon highlighting palette. I put the bronzer in a 3 shape to generally bronze up my face a lightly contour . I thing put my highlight on the tops of my cheeks on my brow bone any other pace the light will naturally hit me . It just gives a lovely glowing effect it beautiful for the spring some time. That is it for today I will see you all in my next post!

bye guys 

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