06 July 2014

Don't let any one stop you doing what you want

Hey guys I know I said know more chatty posts for while but these are just easy for me to write and at time I have a lot of things in my life going on and I want to get some very important messages out there to you all.

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So the message I want to send to you all today is if you want to do something don't let any one tell you cant I say this because I let people tell me I couldn't do and know I am struggling to get in to career path I want to do . I don't get me wrong I love the job I do now but it was never what I wanted to do and while I am still young enough to do so I am going to see if I get a job in what I want to to which is looking after the elderly.

The thing is guys I never had the self confidence to stick up for my self and say no your wrong I can do this and I am going to do this . Which I have now but that has come with time and finding things I am good at like the job I am in now I know I am good at it  but it is not what I wanted to do. The bottom line is if you want to do some thing that badly then you will do it and you should have the confidence in your self to say I can do this I am going to do this and you are not going to stop me.   

Follow your dreams and don't give just because some one says you cant do something you know your self better than any one so if you think you can do it do it.

bye guys

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