01 July 2014

Plans and Progress

Hey guys so I this blogging business is not getting any more consistent but things keep going wrong that are just not my fault .

So if you follow me on twitter you will know that my dad has been in hospital well still is but we are hoping he will be out by the beginning  on next week as he seems to be on the mend . So this why no blog posts for the past  days or so I am going to apologise because it not my fault. However to make up for my inconsistency over the past few months I am think of blogging an my vlogging on my channel every day in august thoughts on this please . I am thinking of doing some work out fit of the days as well as I am allowed wear whatever as long as it is black . I promise you on think though there will be more reviews as this blog is lack them a lot recently .

If you would like this as well what types of things would like to me do on the blog in that month any requests are always welcome so leave me comments and tweet me thoughts and ideas. So that's it for today just a little up date and I will see all soon .  

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