26 July 2014

Summer Essentials

Hey guys so in the UK recently we have been have some really nice weather which is rare but a nice a change so I thought this be a great time to tell you some of my summer essentials. 

So I will start with things I tend to keep with me and then I will go there so the first thing is powder because although I have dry skin when it is hot even the driest of skins tend to get a bit oily so I always keep this with me . Then a lip balm with SPF because not body wants burnt lips plus I as said in my previous blog post I can get chapped lips at any time so always handy to have. Then I carry around a make up setting spray mainly because it refreshing help keep my make up looking fresh in the heat . the finial thing I tend to carry around with me is my sunglasses as I have blue eyes and eyes that are very sensitive  to the light so these are essential if the sun is out I will not leave the house with out sunglasses.

Now on to more body products so I would say a good moisturisers or after sun is essentials as the heat drys out your skin so much so here I have my garnier 7 day intensive moisturiser  but if you have been burnt after sun  is the best thing as it will soothe your burns . Then next is a good SPF if you use one of spf 15 or higher  and reapply as you should you shouldn't get burnt or at least not as badly so get as higher SPF as you can the one here is SPF 25. Then because we have applied a sunscreen we will still be pale but no worries  we can fake are tan I use instant wash off tan by rimmel because I don't get my legs out often but when I do I use this it  is quick and it will wash off if  I mess it up lol bit of fake tan dummy going to be honest with you. then the last thing is always essentials but in heat hair does tend to get a bit oilier so dry shampoo is must the one from dove is my favourite although not as cheap a batiste but I just find that so powdery.

Also I new video went up on my channel a what's in my bag so if you wish to see what other stuff I carry round with me then check it out . See you in my next post!

bye guys 

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