30 August 2014

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

Hey guys so today I am  here with a review on the concealer I have been using recently and been loving so I thought I would share it with you .

So I am going to be honest with you and say at first I didn't like this concealer I thought it was thick and messy but over time it has grown on me . It has a very good coverage for spots and it is good for brightening under the eyes as well .  I prefer this to the collection one as it is thinner and creamier and doesn't cake under the eye as I found that one did but this has a better colour selection . if you have fairer skin as they do extra fair, fair and medium and it has less of a yellow under tone than the collection one. 

The only thing that does bother me about this concealer is that it when you but the lid on the concealer over flows and comes out the top  and makes a mess in your make up bag. So the packaging I think could do with being changed or the less put in the tube something to bare in mind. However for £4.49 you cant complain and I would repurchase and have done. I will leave the link to here but I think it is a great concealer and would highly recommend.

bye guys

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