14 August 2014

Though days make you stronger

Hey guys so it has been a long time but I have done soon much overtime at work this week it has         been untrue but this has taught me something I would like to share with you all .

On Friday I honestly thought I was having the worst day of my life which don't get wrong it was a bad day . But I released that it had to happen because the bad days make us stronger and that makes refocus on everything our goals .what we want achieve what we are striving for in our life.

Now I will explain how this all came about and why I thought Friday was the worst day of my life . As you may or may not know I an learning to drive at the moment and I am really struggling with my manovers . I get so frustrated at my self when I can't do it or get it wrong. So I ended up in tears with frustration with my driving instructor driving home .

I then got home to find that I was locked out so at this point I just sat on the door step and sobbed . it started to rain so I went and sat with my 91 year old neighbour till my parents got which made me half-hour late for work  .

But what all this made me realise was why I want to do this in the first place . It made refocus on my goal which is to have my car and more independence to may get a job a bit further form home. Or if I go higher  the make so not being a driver will not stand in my way .

But I don't think about that when I am driving or before a lesson I just think I hope I don't have to do those manovers  . I think the bad day will help me change my attitude towards it and help me to keep calm when I can't do it and remember why I am I doing this . what I am saying is don't give up but remember why you are doing whatever it is you are doing . 

bye guys 

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