17 September 2014

Going back to the original plan

Hey guys sorry I have not been blogging but I have uber busy with work and my Gran passed away on sunday so as you can imagine  blogging has not been my first thought.

Today I am going to talk to you about  something I have been thinking about for a while going back to my original plan . My original plan was going to college and head off yo university unfortunately due to my anxiety at the time that didn't happen but know I am older and I have control of it and I am settled in to a job I  love I am thinking of going back to college as an adult to finish what I started and maybe go to uni as was the plan. 

There is only one problem with this plan that is will it make my anxiety bad again as I think was the college environment that caused it. But then I think I am not the same person as I was then I know myself better and I have learnt a lot about my self through that experience although it was not a pleasant one. If I go back it would be to finish off my business course to then maybe go to uni and do a degree in business management which might help in the future to progress in the job I am in currently and work part time though out . 

I know I want to do it and if wasn't for anxiety and I know I could do but will that stand in my way or will it only if I let it? Life is about going forward not back right? So maybe going back is wrong ? thoughts any of you gone back to college as an adult. I want to do it I am just not sure if it is a bad move .  Thats it for this post tell me your thoughts in the comments below and will see you all soon.

bye guys

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