24 September 2014

Night time skin care

Hey guys so today I am going to talk to you about my night time skin care routine now experts will probably shoot me for this but I am going to share with you any way so lets crack on .

I have found watching/reading lots of these that some people are more in to night time skin care some are more morning . Now because I  work evenings I don't get in most nights till eleven so I don't want to be faffing with washing my face and all that bother I save that for morning . So what I do is I use a micellar water and two cotton wool pads one for face one for eyes . So the i dampen the cotton pad on both sides and wipe my face round once with each side to get off my face make up and some my eye make up . Then with other pad and do the same but use one side for one eye one for the other .

Now I  have a make up free face so I use my body shop vitamin e serum and put that on my skin and then take my vitamin e sorbet and put that on my skin. Then I use an Avon anew clinical eye lift eye cream the cream side not the gel side and pat that under my eyes . Its now lip time I suffer so badly with chapped lips so I use a lush lip scrub to exfoliate my lips then use my blistex relief cream to moisturise then off to bed I go.

Thats it for today post I know Caroline Hirons would kill me but when you work the hours I do all you want to do when you get in from work is go to bed. This does what I need it to do which is take off my make up. 

bye guys

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