03 September 2014

Tips and tricks for blogging ideas

Hey guys so today I thought I would talk about how I come up with the ideas for blog posts so I can keep giving you lovely lot something to read. I also thought this would be useful if you are new to blogging and wonder what I am going blog about I know I want to do it just know what to do it on . 

1. Notebook - Once you become a blogger a notepad/book becomes your best friend as when inspiration strikes you need write it down so as not to forget and so you can expand on your idea later.

2 Other Blogs - This where I do tend find a lot of my inspiration form other bloggers that have done posts that have interested me I want to put my own stamp or twist on.

3. Brainstorming - This is the note pad comes in think of all the blog post you write and what things you have got/ thoughts you have got to go with that so e.g reviews ,right what things have I liked disliked what have got that new what do I need to photograph ect .

4. Google search- May sound like and odd thing but search for posts you like to read/want to find out and see how popular if it is  not something you can't find or there's not a lot information there's a blog post for you.

5.Write what you enjoy reading/writing about - I think is very important as it will show in your post if you don't like writing a certain type of post as you will put less effort in to researching, photographing and your post will have no personalty about it . For example I don't particularly like reviewing as I feel it can be a bit samey so unless I love some thing or really don't like something I wont review it.

So that's it for today's post hope you found it helpful and if you like more post like this be sure to let know and will in my next post on Friday .

bye guys

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