13 October 2014

Dior star foundation

Hey guys  so welcome back to make up Monday if you want to know where I have been look at this post here so lets crack on .

So this is foundation I have been using everyday recently just because it lasts the best and gives the nicest finish.  The Doir star foundation is something that has had a lot  of hype and when I first tired I didn't get put once  brought it home and had a play with I have learnt to love it. it is expensive at £32 but assure you it is worth it .

So I will start with the consistency it is not thick it is quite runny I apply this with beauty blender total convert post soon. it gives a medium coverage and blends in to the skin so naturally and gives a lovely lit with in look. I do think you could build up the coverage of this foundation but as for powder you need something very light and finely milled other wise you loose the finish and it look a bit powdery.

So that it for today's post I hope you enjoyed and I would recommend this foundation but not oily skin as it is not the best at oil control . But for dry skin and glow lovers it is a definitely thumbs up I will see you on Wednesday  .

bye guys 

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