18 October 2014

FOTD Friday : Devil look

Hey guys so someone on twitter when asking for ideas for blog posts asked for some halloween looks one being devil so I got the make up out and gave it a whirl and here is what I came up with .

So I didn't use any foundation because I didn't actually plan to use this for this post I was just messing about but it turned out so well I thought I may as well so we shall start with eyes . I have use my collection liquid eye liner to do a winged eye liner and have brought it down a bit just because I felt like it really . For shadow I used a sleek blush for the pumpkin blush platter and blended that on the eyelids. I have also lined my eyes with Kohl pencil on the water line. 

Then with same kohl pencil I filled my eyebrows which I thing really adds to the devil look as you can on my check I have add a pitch fork which again was done with liquid eye liner and I think really brings look together . Finally I finished off the a red lip this mac brave red and then just finished off my face with a bit of red blush and slight contour . 

This is just my person interoperation it probably not the best devil look and I forgot to add mascara but I hope it give you some inspiration for own halloween look . 

bye guys

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