29 October 2014

Take The Time ...

Hey guys I don't really know this post is going to be about I just know I need to get some things off my chest which possibly explain somethings .

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I have been blogging for two years and I have gained my little following and love it and I am grateful to every one who does follow me . Blogging is my way of getting my thoughts and opinions out there I never did it because I wanted it become a job and still dont. I didn't blog last week because I am going though a real internal struggle at moment I have been in a relationship for 4 years and we are now both in very different places in are lives and I am trying so hard to work though that and work and blog and sometimes it is all too much. so that why I was gone because I need to just do the things I needed to do which was work and keep my self healthy.

Blogging is my me time is something  I will sit down  with some relaxing music and do when I have minute  .I can go in to my own world and just chill and be inside on own head which I don't get to do very often. I do blog at silly hours of the morning like it 00.50 as I write this but when the mood takes I have to embrace it .  People say to me you work so much you don't have any hobbies and I have to laugh because it like well just because I work 6 days a week till 10-11 at night doesn't mean I have no hobbies it depends on what your hobbies are this I can do any time. This is why you tube never works for me because I cant sit and film and 1 in the morning.

Life is hectic but you cant forget you need to time for yourself some thing to bury yourself in occasionally and just shut off from the world. Never foget that not matter what it blogging or playing with make up what ever it is make time and do it you will feel so much better . This also why I am thinking of joining the gym or taking up running just go away from everything for hour half hour and just be . On that note  I will leave you all to think and I would be interested to know what you do for me time  . 

bye guys 

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