26 November 2014


Hey guys so I have been very inconsistent this month and to make up for that I have decided to blogmas .

this picture I made my self 
If you are not aware of what blogmas is (which first of all  where have been under a rock anyway) its were you blog every day till Christmas so that is what I am going to do . Intend to have mix of everything OOTDs like what I wear on Christmas day and also if we go to any family occasions . As well as FOTDs for festive party looks to new years looks . I also thought I might do a post on my Christmas tree and in our house as I still live home I am  tree coordinator and I get to pick the colour scheme for christmas tree and decorate it . It has been this way for some time and after a good think and suggestions from family members me and my sister have decided to have frozen themed tree . So I thought you guys maybe interested to see how it turns especially if any mummy's read this and fancy doing this for your kids at home . 

Speaking of mummys or those who just fancy there chances in the kitchen I thought I might do some baking posts as well. so Christmas cupcakes ,cookies and maybe even Christmas cake that depends on my mother because she doesn't like Christmas cake but we shall see . So yeah it looks to be jam backed month. So this is probably the last post of November and the next time I will  probably see you be on Monday 1st december . So if you are not already make sure you following this blog in some form so dont miss out or follow me on twitter link in the side bar .Ohh the last thing what do you think to the new look of this blog opinons please . If you  any requests for blogmas leave this either in comments or on twitter with the hashtag #hfbdoesblogmas or metion me in your tweet.

bye guys 

p.s I know this is long blog if you made it to end comment using the word sause  

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