12 November 2014

Why The Break

Hi guys so you may been wondering why I have been gone for 2 ish weeks and I going to explain why and what it going to happen.

picture from here 

So some of it is time but I cant purely blame that this time half the problem is I  have all theses ideas and I don't really know how to carry them out . I would like to ootds on here as I have been coming up with some really good fall out fits and I have really good fotds for you all bit it is finding to time to take the pictures . Once that's done  its  just a case of writing then that doesn't take that long 20 to hour depending on if there are lots of links or not.

So I decided I would take step back to think about what I want to do I think I want to keep with same days but I want mix it up a bit more. Do some more fashion bits as I am really getting in to it and starting to really enjoy putting outfits together and playing with different colours especially now it fall lots of berry and greens coming in to my wardrobe. Also would like to show some of my work out fits if your interested I can only wear black and white but I think I have managed come up with some quite good outfits with my limited colour choice . 

So yeah that my little update let me know your thought or if there is anything you would like to see or if you have any suggestion on how to ootds .As I am bit stuck with how to do the pictures as I use my phone haven't worked that one out yet . Thats is for today I will see you all soon 

bye guys

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