01 December 2014

Blogmas Day 1 :Feeling reflective and low

Hey guys so today I am going to talk to you because I have to go back to work today of a week off and just feeling a bit rubbish 

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The beauty of having blog is I  can moan you when I feel poo especially as it not the biggest blog in world so nobody really cares but those you the read obviously do and I love that . I am in a really bad place at the moment and all I really want to do it sit here and cry but that wont really help so I wont do that .

I am stuck in a job I hate I have relationship I am slowly trying to rebuild and I still live at home and I am 20 I know that's young . I know in the new year it will hopefully  all will  get better when I can look for new job and when I have the money to buy my car. I know all will look up but some days that is incredibly hard to believe it feel like I will be at my job  forever  I will always be at home and my relationship will crash.

Basicly I am having down day and I am sorry if you don't want to listen to my moans but I promise you tomorrow will be better. I always get down this time of year and I don't really know why . I suppose it because the end of the year and you start reflecting and looking back and to be quite honest this year has not been bad but these past few months have been hard. I love the fact I have all here and I cant believe that in 11 days I will have been doing this two years and it has gone so fast and thank you all for sticking with me. On that note I will leave you all thank you if you read this and tomorrow we move on to happier things like lipstick.

bye guys 

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