03 December 2014

Blogmas day 3 :Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy

Hey guys so today I am here with a review yes I know I don't do these very often but this is the base I have been using every time I wear make up so I figured it deserved a space on the blog.

So this product was a very hit here on the blogosphere in the  summer but as usual I am late on the band wagon because I don't like to give in to the hype. Now for some people it is all about the base but for me  I will quite happy skip foundation and it doesn't bother me. So what is so different about this one that I am currently reaching for it so much.

First things first let me tell you a little bit about this product it is a cream to powder finish so I dont have powder this . It has a bigger shade range than most BB creams there are 6 in the range when there are normally just 3. I am the shade light which is the second lightest the lightest was too light ! that never happens but I am not sure what the darker shades are like so if you are not ghost like me you might struggle.

Why do I like the product enough to review it ? Well it gives a very natural finish it is build able has a nice consistency it doesn't stick to my dry patches either. Consistency wise it is not super runny like I have found with some BB creams but it not super stiff it is lovely medium. If you want more coverage you can build it with out it caking but it will still look natural which is great . My only bug bare with this product it that for me it is tad too yellow toned I find but that is the only con I find with it .

Other than I can say it is completely worth money and the hype surrounding it and I would be the first to tell you if it wasn't  you should all know that by now . It is pricey at £27.50 but it worth and you can find it at boots, online or at your local benefit bar .

bye guys

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