20 January 2015

Beauty Tuesday: Rimmel match perfection foundation

Hey so it been four days since I have been on here and was not the intention I was going to post on Friday but couldn't find part of my tripod. The past few days  have just been mad and I want to do a give away I have the stuff just not sure how to any ideas would be great. so lets crack on.

I have been that busy blabbering I haven't actually told you what I am going to be talking to you about in this post. I am going review the rimmel match perfection foundation this is currently one of the only drugstore foundations I own has I had a massive clear out as some had gone  funny .

This is currently the one I am reaching for every time I wear make up and the reason for this is because it  has such as nice natural light reflecting finish. I like to use my fingers to apply this with and this is for couple of reasons . One is because I think you get the best finish and two because I think it is easier to build this way. It is quite light is consistency but it is not overly runny and it reacts well to the heat of your finger tips it all most becomes thicker/stiffer.

The only con to product is that for me like most drugstore foundations it is just tad too yellow toned but then let remember I am practically a ghost. As long as blend it well and down my neck it is all good to go and for the price I cant complain as it is amazing product although I think I am late to this party. But hey not all about to trying the new releases in this world there are lots of oldies but goodies to be found. this foundation is £7.99 and available at superdrug and boots.

bye guys

p.s is this picture better quality started using my new camera 

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