03 January 2015

Luxury Wishlist

Hey guys so at the minute I have make up wish list as long as my arm so I thought I would I share them with you .

Lip Cheat Pencil £16 / Lip Lustre Blondie £16.50 /Film stamp bronze & glow £49 / Powder & Sculpt Brush £35 / Bobbi Brown Cement Eye Shadow £23 /Posie Tint £24.50 / Stay Dont Stray eye primer £20.50

I have heard so much about  the Charlotte Tilbury make up range I am just dying to try some of then so here is what is on my hit list . First thing is the lip cheat lip pencil in pillow talk I have because obsessed with liners towards the end this year .Now use them with every lip product so this would be the prefect universal lip liner for me I think .

I am may as well stick with Charlotte Tilbury now  and the lip theme so lets talk gloss another think I have rediscovered. this year. the gloss in blondie and think this colour will got lots of use out of as very in to the nude lip.

So on the face now with the Charlotte Tilbury film stamp bronze and glow this is basicly a contour kit but from I can gather it is the perfect one even on pale skin so would love to try that . Then lastly for the Charlotte Tilbury stuff is the powder and sculpt brush. Now it is the prefect shape for contour but also for powdering under the eyes and around the nose are so love to get my  hand one .

Now before I move on to my benefit wants I will break it up a bit with an eye shadow I want form bobbie brown . It is a sparkle shadow and the shade I want is cement and it a lovely shimmery brown which I think I could use every day .

Now for the benefit stuff first is the posie tint now I love the colour but these things taste disgusting however  I still want it what can you do. Now the finial thing is the eye primer from benefit the stay don't stray as I have run out my current primer plus you can use this a concealer primer too .

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and all the link to the products are also where I go the pictures from. I will see you all soon .

Bye Guys

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