15 January 2015

#Tittle Tattle Thursdays

Hey guys so I am going to be starting a new series called Tittle Tattle Thursday and basicly this is just going to be my chatty post for the week. This is to break them up bit because they can have a tendency to take over because I you know I  love to talk.  This  was written before I started posting on my blog again. 

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So I have failed with my three blog posts week I am sorry but I keep try to get things on track and then keep falling off.I don't why this keeps happening it just does but in my heart of hearts I know there must be a reason for this . So what will happen now you ask well I simply don't know as I sit here at quarter past 12 on Saturday night/sunday morning I have wind howling round my house and hale pounding a my window . Yet I sit and question why I some thing I love so much as become such hard work is this a phase or is it a sign that my love of blogging has come to an end . Do you remember the days I used blog every day I loved it and still do but yet some how I seem to let my life get in the way . Its like a friends mum said me you have the time you just don't use it efficiently but why cant I do this I ask my self.

I keep saying I love to start doing my you tube again even it was just weekend vlogs but the motivation fails very time and then I ask would anyone even watch them? So I guest my question to you guys is what do I do and how do I motivate my self to use my time more effectively. Would like me to post videos on my channel again what blog posts would like .I need inspiration and motivation so please leave me you tips tricks and suggestions .

I know all my blog post have been a bit reflective and a suppose a little deep recently  but they do say if you don't what to blog about blog about what is happening at the time so that's what I have done. 

bye guys 

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