22 January 2015

#Tittle Tattle Thursdays

Hey guys so I had a thought the other day about going back to blogging 5 days a week but i ask is that too much.


I had a post for every day of the week in my head and the same sort of posts would happen each week. .But then ask my self  would any one want to read a post from me that often or would I just be wasting my time . I am better blogging a bit less because then it keeps it fresh or I am looking at it the wrong way?  

I know there are certain bloggers that blog everyday sometimes twice day and more power to them but I sometimes think are not just putting too much pressure on to your self . Does it not all get a bit samey that way. So my question to you today is can you ever blog too much because surely you would run out of steam eventually .

So that is for today I know it is a shorter than normal but it is truly what I have been thinking about recently tell me what you think .

bye guys

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