14 January 2015

Wishlist Wednesday : If I had all the money in the world

Hey guys I wasn't going to post today but then I had to some time and decided why the  hell not put up a little wish list for you guys these are the things I am lusting over right now .

duneboots £65 / leather jacket £399 /Michael Kors bag £220 /Michael Kors watch £168 / Ugg boots £150

Now guys before you all think I have gone mad I know that in reality I am most likely  will never own all of these things.However if I had the money I  would have them with out a second thought so a bit a fun wishlist.

So first up is probably the most realist one and that is the riding boots these are form dune the head over heels range. I have had my eye on these for while but they never seem to have size in stock in any of the stores. I say these are most realistic because they are £65 where as everything else is over 100 . 

Next up is a Ted baker jacket which looks very similar to that Anna Saccone wears I love it I know I would wear it . The problem is that it is £399 and I am not willing to spend that on a leather jacket as much as it gorgeous and would last me a long time. 

The item in centre is by the longest lusted after item and it is a Michael Kors bag now the reason I want this particular on is because it has a zip. I don't know if any one has ever notices this but all of bags of this style don't have zips it strange . I would have this bag in heart beat I love it but  you never know maybe one day. 

Now the other Michael Kors item is a watch now I think I did blog post on how much wanted this and it is not the money that puts me off. It is the fear that in my job and day to day it wouldn't stand up to the test and it would break . It beautiful and I have been so close to buying it before now but know it would most like just break.  

The finial item is the a pair of proper ugg boots now these could happen but I am death on legs to shoes. I have flat feet so walk in as result all my shoes wear down quickly. So not worth it unless I can sort that problem which hopefully I can .

So that is for today guys little random blog post for you hope you enjoyed it and will see you tomorrow with another post . 

bye guys

p.s The link to items is also where I got the pictures from 

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