12 February 2015

#Tittle Tattle Thursday

Hey guys so after doing so well with my blog I stopped again sorry but so much has been going on so I am going to update you. 

pic form here 

So what been keeping from this little slice of the internet well  these things that have been keeping me off are things to do with  personal relationships and I would rather not post that all over the internet even though I am fairly open on here . 

Other things are I dont know what you guys want to see I need you guys to tell me I have tried asking for requests before I rarely get them but if you can help it would be great tell me what your favourite blog post is the read. Blogging has come so far since I started this blog 2 years ago I fear I have fallen behind. So help me keep this space fresh so before christmas we had a redesign and that helped get the juices flowing again but now I need your help

Also a another small update is I am going to be blogging every monday,thursday.friday and sunday . I will also be post a video on my channel on sunday as I miss it so much I know a  lot of you prefer blogs and thats fine but you can pick and choose . I also have a new camrea so if you notice a picture difference thats why so some ootds coming your way soon.

bye guys

p.s dont forget to leave me your requests and comments 

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