19 February 2015


Hey guys and once again I have left you a week but I have my reasons of which I shall explain now so dont be mad you know I am inconsistent.

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Basicly this week I have lacked motivation and the reason for this is not because I dont love my blog and all those that read . It is just because I have felt like poo and the reason for that is cluster headaches/migraine now any of you that suffer with migraine will know my pain and appreciate the last thing you want to do is sit in front of computer screen. For those it just headache what she on about imagine the worst headache you have ever had then combine that with the worst motion sickness and dizziness you have ever had you get the picture. 

I am going to take the time to give you little life update in September I have to decided to go back to college and do an access to nursing course . I have been looking for jobs in care and I am currently just waiting to hear back. But my plan is to find a care job do that up until September to gain some experience and then in September do my course and try and stay in care maybe as evening worker . This is something I really want to do but I know it will be challenge for me with my anxiety but I am determined I will do this. I want to help others and this is what I have wanted to do since I was about 17 but everyone said you wont like and I was stupid enough to listen but i am going to do it and no one will stop me  this time 

So yes that is my little update for you all this week and I will tell you more as I know and take you with on my journey . I have started uploading on my channel again the first one went up on Sunday as it as a I am back kind think but I think this weeks video will be the 5 minute makeup challenge so keep you eye peeled for that as that will be up Sunday .

bye guys 

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