06 March 2015

#Dear Me

Hey guys do you ever think what you would you say to your younger self ? well on twitter this week there was a hash tag trending #Dear me . It all about the advice you would give to your younger self and so I thought I would share the advice I would give my younger self with you .

Dear Me ,

Your 14 years old right now and under a lot of stress but let me tell you it is not worth it your life is not going to turn out how you planned but because of that you are going to meet some amazing people . Enjoy your last few years at school and know that your crush will let down but it is for the best . Some one who you least expect will be there for you during this time . 

Dont be stressed out and depressed and don't self harm as it is something you will regret when you are older. I know you are hurting right now but it does get better and once your out of school none of it will matter . Trust me even though things don't turn out how you  think they will  it will make you a better stronger person . Just remember everything happens for a reason .

bye 14 year old me x 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post it was hard one to write and I dont think I could have done it in video form with out crying .   I wanted to share while it was still relevant What would you have said to your younger self ? 

bye guys 

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