04 March 2015

# Tittle Tattle Thursday

Hey guys so today I am going to a of blog update for you all because I am thinking of moving the post to Wednesday . 

So currently we make up mondays ,tittle tattle thursday and FOTD friday but have this on wednesday but what can I  call it . I like tittle tattle Thursday as is an original name I thought of calling mid week musings but I feel like that is done. Is it possible to keep the name and just move it to Wednesday ? 
Is there anything you guys would like to see on this channel my video day will still be sunday but I wont necessary have blog post to go with it but it will always be linked in the mondays post . Is any there  thing you would like to see leave me comments below a short post this week but i really just to ask about the blog so let me know .

bye guys

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