18 March 2015

Wishlist Wednesday : Spring /Summer Clothing

Hey guys so I thought I would do a wish list as it has been while and I have lots of  things I am lusting after for spring summer .

So I did this in photoshop not a program I usually use but I thought why not give it go but I ended touching it up with paint what I usually use I am so simple when it comes to technology . If look a bit dodgy now you know why but you have try new things right ? Any way enough of my babblering lets crack on.

So first up on my wish list are theses white converse i think they will be perfect for spring summer with shorts or light wash jeans. I have converse before and lived in them so I think I will get a lot of use out of them so we shall see.

Next up are high waist shorts these are harder to find than you might think these ones are from very but they are the colour I want . I would really like so pastel coloured shorts for summer to pair with plain vest tops but still have that pop of colour. Do you get where I am coming from but I cant  find them any where . So if you where I can find then let me know in the comments or leave me a link the comments to them .

So yes I do realise that I can the next item in most stores however my problem is that they are all very wide legged and look ridiculous on me . These ones have more of slim leg and they come in petite again they are from very but I find them good staples pieces I dunno why .

Now the skirt below this is a ted baker one and I have wanted it since about January its beautiful but I not something I think I would wear enough to justify the £139 price tag. Maybe if I win the lottery it might happen but at the moment I just cant do it .

The last thing is also I pricey item but I have seen high street version and that is the ray ban wayfarers in tortoiseshell . These are £125 but I have seen version of them in places like new look and primark for far cheaper. My  sunglasses never last more than a summer because I end up breaking them in some way.

So that's it for day post i hope you enjoyed I do like doing these wish lists and i love reading them my self so hope to more soon .

bye guys

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