11 April 2015

Bonus Post : Blog update

Hey guys I was going to put this on the end of Thursday post but it made it super long to point where I was falling asleep reading it back so I thought I would treat you all to another bouns post today you lucky lot . 

So  I  have a couple of things I wanted to mention in this post they all blog related but like to keep you all in the loop . The first one is I am going to be blogging twice a week monday and thursday  . This is for couple of reasons one it is  more manageable time wise and two I would rather put out two good quality post that I have had time to put good quality pictures in to and do some research if necessary and really think about rather than 3 or 4 not so good posts that I have hurriedly typed on the morning of the day I posted it .

 So because of this my video on my channel if you follow that will be on monday to and will be linked in that post. If it has nothing  to do with that post  it will be linked  at the end of the post like this p.s a new video went up on my channel link if it is  relevant it will be embedded in to the post . The other thing I wanted to mention is I am looking in to moving this blog to wordpress for no other reason than it is more flexible and its not linked to google+ so I can have my comments how I  want them instead of you have to have google+ account to comment because its annoying .

 One finial thing I wanted to mention is that my links to my social media in the side bar now work I only realised they didn't the other day but I have fixed them so feel free to go follow me on all of them if you wish .Also if you have request or any thoughts of any of this I would love to hear your opinion let know down below or on twitter @horsefashbeauty.

bye guys

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