27 April 2015

Make Up Monday: Lip Liner Obsession

 Hey guys so today  I am going to talk to you about latest obsession and that is lip liner I have just been wearing  it non stop with glosses . 

So I have five lip liners here from three different brands we have a mac,barrym and rimmel so one high end and two drugstores . I use the Mac most but that is just because it is a nude colour but if I do not use that one I use the rimmel one . This is a very nice pink great every day and a  very natural pink. 

Now let get in to why I have been so into lip liners one they stay on longer than any lipstick and are easier to top up I find. I just love the look as well I layer them with the maybelline elixir over the top  as i just love them but lets not get started on that. You get such a nice shape with them they stay longer they dont look dry either I just find them so easy and convenient. 

I used the purply one more in the fall with mac pulmful lipstick the Barry M ones are little more drying than the other two. I am sure the bright pink Barry M one will get lots of use in the summer with pink lips that do so love . The lightest pink is great for highlighting you lips and making them really pop. I have been loving  lip liners for about 3 or 4 months I am truly in love with them all though I know they are not as popular as other products .

So that is it for today post I will be back on friday this week as I have an FOTD for you guys this week . I know it been awhile but I was messing about with some make up and liked how it looked so thought I would share it with you all . 

Let me know do you use lip liners ? 

bye guys

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